Bowls Etiquette - Ware BC

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Ways for you to demonstrate the courtesy that is an inherent part of the game of bowls

1. Enter the green using the steps provided or by first placing your leading foot in the ditch. (This protects the downward pressure of your foot into the surface of the green)
2. Do not drop your bowls on the green.
3. Do not stand on the verges.
4. At the outset of the game, the skip is responsible for introducing his players to their opponents. Shake hands before and after the game.
5. Do not sit on the steps or the bank.
6. Do not drop litter in the ditches – use the receptacles provided.
7. Hand the jack and mat to an opposing lead who is about to begin the first end of the game.
8. When the game is in progress, nobody should converse with or in any way distract the players or the marker.
9. Spectators should be especially careful that their actions and conversations do not affect the players concentration.
10. When a player delivers a wood and follows it up the green, that the player must either behind the head or returned to a position behind the mat by the time the bowl comes to rest. Once the bowl has stopped, the opposition has control of the head and you are not entitled to ask for or (as skip) offer any information until your opponents next bowl has stopped and you have control of the head once more.
11. Do not delay the game.
12. Do not wander around or move about the head when a player is about to bowl.
13. The player controlling the head at any time (usually the skip or number three) should be granted full and unfettered access to the head, and all other players should retire to a position where their view is not obstructed.
14. At the conclusion of an end, the number three should be left to measure and concede shots without comment or interference from other members of the team.
15. If an umpire has been called. All players must retire from the green until the decision has been taken.
16. Never kick away the bowls in the head until the result of an end has been decided.
17. If you are responsible for keeping the score, compare your card with that of your opponent at regular intervals.
18. Never bemoan your own bad luck or complain when fortune sees to side with your opponent.
19. No player should, by act or word, display displeasure at inadequate performance by a member of their own side, or gloat over poor bowling by an opponent. Skips should compliment and encourage their players when appropriate.
20. If you have lost the game, remember to congratulate your opponent.
21. Try at all times to enhance the pleasure of the game for your team mates and your opponents. Remember, Courtesy is contagious.
22. All bowlers should know the Rules as laid down by the World Bowls Board.
23.  Mobile phones should not be used on or around the green.
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