Letter for Members - Ware BC

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I hope this finds you all well, we have been working to put together our Guidance for re-opening in accordance with Bowls England and current Government Guidelines.

Initially, we will have three sessions on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. Plus two sessions on Saturdays. Attached you will find the full details - which I urge you to read (I will test you all afterwards) as obviously we all have a duty to maintain the sanitation standards and social distancing requirements. These are unprecedented times and therefore there may be issues to iron out as we go along. Please do not hesitate to contact me direct in order for us to enjoy our spectacular green and rose gardens in full bloom in safety.

MARSHALLS - Mondays 1pm and 3.30pm  Kestrel (Keith Myall) 07913 558531.  (Back up Paul Green)
                        Mondays 6pm - 8pm.  Sarah Best 07764 685133

                        Wednesdays 1pm and 3.30pm  Chris Britten  01920 469885     (Back up Malcolm Marriott)
                        Wednesdays 6pm - 8pm.   Bob Hammond  01920 469898 or 07516 246298

                         Fridays 1pm and 3.30pm  Martin Dudley 07565 923412
                         Fridays 6pm - 8pm.  Sarah Best 07764 685133

                         Saturdays 1pm and 3.30pm   Jackie Mustoe 01920 425151

I wanted to get this out so you know what is going on. The Marshalls will not have a Booking Sheet until tomorrow evening, so plenty of time. It does seem regimented I know, booking for a roll-up, who would believe it.

Best wishes, Jackie
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